Frequently Asked Questions

How can I monitor the drones around me?

You can easily follow all drone activities captured by our radars with our 3.5” wide and 1280 x 720 resolution touchscreen. You can see the frequency, brand and model of the drones flying above your property.

Shall we use it for non-military purposes?

The product is designed for both military and non-military use. You can use it to secure your disctrict, have VIP security or prevent drone flights above your property.

Do you have any warranty for the products?

All devices you purchase have 1 year warranty for any kind of problem.

Do I need any special document or licence to use it?

You don’t need to own a special document or licence to use it.

Can I test the product?
Of course, you can book for test day in our testing courts to review our products.
What is the distance for locating and jamming?

Locating distance is 2km and jamming distance is 3km.

What is the frequency range of Hunter?

Jamming frequency of Hunter is between 400 Mhz – 6 Ghz.

How will I update it when needed?

For security reasons it can only be updated manually. The device can not be accessed remotely.

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